I am more expressive here:)
I have lots of nickname to my girlfriends they call me macis or pooh, while my close friends from college, co-workers in the media industry they call me mc/ems, in church they call me casey, to my big guy I am his babe♥ but at home my name is pachochay:)
I love taking photos wherever I go and post it here :)
I love my God :)
I love my Family :)
I love my Friends :)
I got hurt before, but I don't have any regrets:)
I love to travel with my family and friends:)
Looking forward to see whole world before I reach 30:)
I only make an effort and spend time to those people I love and treasure:)
(btw, you can feel if I am making an effort)

I love going to church:)
I just realized lately that the only thing you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.:)
I am in the field of media for over 2 years already and counting and I must say am loving it:)
I am a big fan of Juday:) so I don't care if you don't like her:) juday is a local artist here in the philippines:)

Finally after praying for years now, the Lord answered my prayer:)
I happy with my life before, but now it became more happier:) thank you Lord:)
Looking forward to more years of friendship and love with my big guy♥

You always have me, as long as you are true to me:)
As much as possible I don't like to post negative stuff here in my tumblr :)
I can describe love as time:)

life's too short to be rushed...live and enjoy the ride :)
that's all for now folks:)

by the way am not a good writer, not also a good blogger and will never be one:) so if you don't like what i post here, i don't care:)

I always update my tumblr:)


To the person who encouraged me to try tumblr,
a friend of mine since college
my twitter friend who has always been there for me even via cyber space :) 
Daphne look a like (now you need to pay me for this one) LOL!  
From the bottom of my heart, Happy Happy birthday my dear friend! May the Lord grant the desires of your heart! 
Happy 27th birthday!=p Love you! :) 

To the person who encouraged me to try tumblr,

a friend of mine since college

my twitter friend who has always been there for me even via cyber space :) 

Daphne look a like (now you need to pay me for this one) LOL!  

From the bottom of my heart, Happy Happy birthday my dear friend! May the Lord grant the desires of your heart! 

Happy 27th birthday!=p Love you! :) 

Another tourist attraction here at Camiguin is Katibawasan Falls :) 

Am not really a fan of water falls, but when I saw this place I was blown away by its beauty and told myself “may ganito pa pala si PILIPINAS” :) 

am loving Camiguin!:) 

First stop in our list when we reached Camiguin: WHITE ISLAND 

We didn’t waste our time we went straight to white island, but before you reach that place you need to ride a bangka (small boat) it will take you 5-10 minutes only .  I don’t know how much is the cost of our boat ride, because it was incorporated already in our hotel package. We had a great time there, we were in the middle of the ocean, precious and sweet moments were taken by our on board photographers (febs and zap) :)     because the island is small, there is no private resort or any house that you can stay in there. You need to bring your own towel and if you plan to have your lunch, you can bring your own food, I just don’t know if there is an area for you to grill your own food, but there is an available mini store where you can buy your cold drinks, beer and other snacks but don’t be surprised with the price tag:) white island is one of the the main attractions that Camiguin is offering to their tourist. still not convince to visit this Island? wait for my next entry :) 

The main highlight of our summer adventure was the white water rafting experience. It was awesome at first we were so afraid to give it a try the weather is just perfect it’s not sunny it’s raining that time and that makes it more fun! The rafting took us 4-6 hours in the river, we experienced jumping off the mini cliff, human rafting experience and standing in our rubber boats while catching the big waves. This is one of the best adventure I had so far in my entire life. It’s worth a try! Believe me! PROMISE:)  next in my blog entry: The Beauty of Camiguin :)

It’s part of our tradition already that we get to travel every summer exploring different places here in the Philippines and abroad. I suddenly remembered when we were at El Nido Palawan last year in one of the islands there, we were talking about our next trip and part of our conversation we said, that, hopefully next year let’s pray that our family will get bigger and when I say bigger we get to have our lifetime partners on board and surprisingly we were able to have one, although we truly missed Roms and Rina but we thanked God that Tez, Davie, Arbs, Ivan and ofcourse my Big guy was able to come with us, welcome to the family :) It was our first time to travel together am referring to my boyfriend and that day marked also our 6th monthsary weee all by His grace :) okay enough of my cheesyness let me share to you now what we did at Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Our first agenda when we reached CDO was to EAT hehe we had lunch at Jo’s Chicken INATO, they have chicken inasal they served good food and reasonable price:) After our lunch in my next entry I will share to you our white water rafting adventure:)  

It was every summer that we always organize a youth event and its actually the second time already that our youth quest was held at Benguet. We were deeply encouraged to see a lot of young people from different places coming to our event who were very eager to know more about Christ. Our speaker was Pastor Byran Dunlop from California. To God be the glory:) 

By God’s grace I am very much involved in the youth ministry of our church. We had the opportunity to minister to the youth at GRM Caloocan. GRM stands for God’s Rainbow Ministry if you will ask me why Rainbow? I can’t give you an answer to that :) We had a great time with the youth at GRM, there are very on fire for God. Their place is kinda far from the Metro if you’re coming from Makati the travel time will take like 2-3 hours drive, but inspite of that we are so glad to minister to them. To God be the glory:)

It was my first time to ride a helicopter, at first I was really afraid but I had to do it because it’s part of my job there’s a good and bad side regarding my job I don’t know if this is the good one, but well yeah, somehow I enjoyed my helicopter ride. I saw the whole metro manila in a snap and without traffic how I wish I have a helicopter so that if I need to go to a particular place here in the Metro it would be in as easy as this but I wonder where I will park my ride. LOL! One word to describe the urban planning of Metro Manila: HORRIBLE! How I wish it can be changed, but who knows maybe it can still be improved. POSITIVISM FOR THE PHILIPPINES c’mon! :) 

My friendship with my best friend started when were in our junior year (3rd) in college, she was the brainy and I am the bibo kid, she always wait for me every time I have an org meeting at school even though she is from Laguna (1 1/2-2 hours travel time from school) and am just a few blocks away from our school. :) now that we are working and somehow have our different lives she is working in a bank while am working in the media industry, am glad that we still had the chance to catch up with each other. I am just so thankful that I have a best friend and sister like her, and by the way maybe you are wondering who is the guy in this blog entry, he is Dreus my best friend’s boyfriend :)

It was months before saraah and I were able to bond again because we had this little tampuhan, but am glad we were able to resolve and restore back our friendship. Dino followed us at krispy kreme at the fort we had a great time as always:)