I am more expressive here:)
I have lots of nickname to my girlfriends they call me macis or pooh, while my close friends from college, co-workers in the media industry they call me mc/ems, in church they call me casey, to my big guy I am his babe♥ but at home my name is pachochay:)
I love taking photos wherever I go and post it here :)
I love my God :)
I love my Family :)
I love my Friends :)
I got hurt before, but I don't have any regrets:)
I love to travel with my family and friends:)
Looking forward to see whole world before I reach 30:)
I only make an effort and spend time to those people I love and treasure:)
(btw, you can feel if I am making an effort)

I love going to church:)
I just realized lately that the only thing you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.:)
I am in the field of media for over 2 years already and counting and I must say am loving it:)
I am a big fan of Juday:) so I don't care if you don't like her:) juday is a local artist here in the philippines:)

Finally after praying for years now, the Lord answered my prayer:)
I happy with my life before, but now it became more happier:) thank you Lord:)
Looking forward to more years of friendship and love with my big guy♥

You always have me, as long as you are true to me:)
As much as possible I don't like to post negative stuff here in my tumblr :)
I can describe love as time:)

life's too short to be rushed...live and enjoy the ride :)
that's all for now folks:)

by the way am not a good writer, not also a good blogger and will never be one:) so if you don't like what i post here, i don't care:)

I always update my tumblr:)


It was months before saraah and I were able to bond again because we had this little tampuhan, but am glad we were able to resolve and restore back our friendship. Dino followed us at krispy kreme at the fort we had a great time as always:)